Wall.fm legacy

Hey, former Wall.fm user! You probably received our notification about the Oxwall.com project, so thank you for your interest.

We failed to achieve our mission with Wall.fm because at one point it became clear that technical problems, scaling, upgrade issues prevented us from maintaining the growing business at the necessary level. Now we are confident it still can be done with a different approach.

Oxwall is the same platform that powered Wall.fm. So, how is Oxwall.com offer different from Wall.fm and what are the benefits?

  • Self-hosted: Instead of the one-size-fits-all we can now offer independent hosting solutions, from the cheapest shared accounts to full-blown cloud setups — according to your needs;
  • Easy upgrades: With Wall.fm you had to wait until the platform infrastructure was ready to accept new updates from Oxwall. This created massive overhead and you had to wait days, then weeks, then the upgrades just stopped. Now you don’t depend on complex structures like Wall.fm — if there’s an update for Oxwall, it’s already in your admin area, push the button, and you are there;
  • Full control: Now that your site is hosted independently, you can access the source code, install whatever plugins you need, and even make code modifications. This was one of the most popular demands with Wall.fm which we couldn’t accommodate. Now, you are the sole owner of your website and hosting account, so power to you;
  • Reduced costs: Now you don’t have to pay monthly fees to us. Even if it makes sense to host with us, you can host elsewhere, and only use our help when you need. Many projects take more time than expected to take off, so cost control is one of the main concerns that people voiced with Wall.fm.

We are confident that Oxwall.com can offer a better solution because it directly attacks all the challenges that we couldn’t overcome with Wall.fm, so we welcome you to review what we have to offer.

Start your community with supported Oxwall solution!

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