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We offer quality Oxwall hosting based on Amazon cloud infrastructure. We are capable to get your website up to a community size that will allow you to validate your idea. It makes perfect sense to rely on us with both software and hosting to have one entity of contact for everything.

Worldwide customers: Although our Amazon datacenter may not be closer to you than your local hosting of choice, it will probably perform better. It’s less about location and more about infrastructure. Amazon is the undisputed leader in cloud hosting worldwide.

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Parameters and comfortable usage numbers:

  • Total users in database: up to 100,000
  • Seamless domain name purchase
  • Free Basic SSL
  • SSD technology and consistent I/O performance
  • Balance of compute, memory, and network resources
  • Processors in use: 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon® E5-2676 v3 (Haswell)

When your site grows and you want to move on, we can offer you a dedicated custom cloud instance starting from $100/month.

Other recommended Oxwall hosting

You can host Oxwall on your own with other companies. In this case we only recommend those that have experience with hosting hundreds (if not thousands Oxwall sites) and are tested to work well with it. Here they are:


FastComet Oxwall
FastComet is the most user-friendly SSD Cloud Hosting service provider for Oxwall Hosting. They offer a FREE CDN, Custom Firewall, 5 Layers of Caching and many other features for unmatched performance and solid security. In addition, all plans include FREE installation of Oxwall or transfer of your existing website, 24/7 rocket-fast Technical Support and FREE domain for easy start and best experience.

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– 24/7 Technical Support via phone, chat and email.
– Disclosure: At no cost to you, we are compensated when you purchase hosting through this link.
– One click Oxwall installations and upgrades.
– Special discounted pricing for Oxwall users. Only $3.49 a month!

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Arvixe Oxwall
– Free Domain for LIFE
– Each plan is PRE-LOADED with Oxwall fully adhering to all hosting requirements!
– Since 2003, Arvixe has been hosting customers around the globe offering 24/7 Oxwall support, 99.9% uptime, and a 60 days money back guarantee.

Use coupon “OXWALL” for 20% off each renewal of the plan.

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Site5 delivers great shared, reseller and VPS web hosting. Our uptime, support, and services are fully guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or your money back. You can also pick your hosting server location too. We offer both a free trial and a 45 day money back guarantee.

Go to Site5

Server requirements

  • Linux/Unix/Windows
  • Apache 2 or higher with:
    • mod_rewrite on
    • mod_security (strict configurations) off
  • PHP 5.5 and 5.6 with:
    • cURL on
    • fopen on
    • register_globals off
    • safe_mode off
    • suPHP off
    • suApache off
    • suhosin off
  • PHP modules:
    • PDO
    • DOM
    • mbstring
    • zip
    • zlib
    • ftp
    • json
    • php_openssl
  • MySQL from 5.0 to 5.6
  • GD Library 2 with FreeType support
  • Mail server (SendMail, Exim or other)
  • Cron

Hardware minimums

  • CPU: 1.4 Ghz
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Disk Space: 5 Gb (preferably SSD)

How NOT to host Oxwall

Please use our word of caution — we’ve seen some things cause enormous headache to Oxwall users:

  • DO NOT buy shared plans. You may be lured by attractive prices but it will cost you sleepless nights and your site falling apart for no obvious reasons. When a lot of sites sit on one physical server (that’s why it’s called shared), you are at the mercy of whatever happens to any one of them, like overload, traffic spike, DDOS attack, etc.
  • DO NOT use Godaddy hosting. Period.