Complete Feature List

Core features

Facebook Connect

  • Allow users to skip filling tedious forms but also have them enter required information if necessary.


  • Standard Facebook-style friend system that many other features can build on top of.


  • Private on-site communication, both in the form of chat and more traditional mailbox.


  • Users can control what types of content will be visible for friends and everyone else.

Contact importer

  • Allow users to invite their friends from Facebook and Google or find existing friends on the website.

Google Analytics

  • Simple plugin to keep your Google Analytics tracking without messing with HTML/Javascript code.

Contact us

  • Ready-made contact page for your website.

Image slideshow

  • Create rich content in the website builder’s drag’n’drop interface.

Cloudflare integration

  • Take advantage of protection, caching and performance improvements that Cloudflare offers.


Facebook-like newsfeed

  • Instantly see what’s going on.

Photo sharing

  • Fast and convenient way to share photos with the community with tags, rates, comments.

Password-protected photo albums Paid

  • Let users decide who sees their private photo albums.


  • Simple discussion boards with advanced search capabilities.

Video embeds

  • share videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. With comments, tags, rates.

User blogs

  • Allow users to create their own rich content for the rest of the community to engage and react.


  • Allow users to create groups and engage in niche discussions of your community interests.

Activity notifications

  • Handy tool for users to keep engaged in whatever activity they participate in.

Social media sharing

  • Allow users to share any piece of content on social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.


  • Displaying users’ birthdays in newsfeed + widgets for index, dashboard, profile pages.


  • Create online and offline events to engage with users. Also allow them to create events as well (based on user roles).


  • Real-time chat for friends.


User credits Paid

  • #1 monetization feature for Oxwall! Enable users to purchase and earn credits to spend on the website. Incredible tool for both monetization and activity/content stimulation!

Membership levels Paid

  • Granular permissions configuration based on user roles. Sell access to advanced features like hiding ads, sending messages, creating classifieds, etc.

Banner rotation

  • Simple advertisement management with user geo-targeting.

Paymentwall integration Paid

  • Use your Paymentwall account to accept payments from users.

Stripe integration Paid

  • Use your Stripe account to accept credit card payments from users.

txtNation integration Paid

  • Accept mobile payments from users with your txtNation account.

PayPal integration Paid

  • Use your PayPal account to accept PayPal and credit card payments from users.

CCBill integration Paid

  • Accept user payments with your CCBill account.

2checkout integration Paid

  • Accept credit card payments with your 2checkout account.

Administration & management

Extendable with plugins

  • Oxwall is plugin-based so you are free to extend your website functionality with many native and third party plugins.

1-click updates

  • Whenever there’s a platform, plugin or theme update — all is done automatically in the admin area by merely clicking a button.

Theme customization

  • Customize your site theme right in the admin area.

Drag’n’drop CMS

  • Create menu items and pages in admin area. Reorganize menu items using drag’n’drop interface. Reorganize index page, user dashboard and user profile in drag’n’drop interface. Allow users to customize their dashbord and profile pages.

Mobile CMS

  • Mobile experience has its own content. Manage it from the Admin area using drag’n’drop interface.

Public/private site modes

  • Set your website privacy on a global level. Accept users by invitation only or let anyone sign up.

Customizable profile questions

  • Define your own data that you want your users to submit. Create any numbers of questions for your users to answer when signing up, including required ones.

Site translation

  • You are able to have the website translated to any language in the admin area. Use 3rd party translations made by community!


  • Track finance, registration, and content creation metrics.

User roles

  • Granular permissions for users depending on their role in the community. Also may be sold for monetization purposes.

Pre-moderate content

  • if your website requires stricter content policy.

Moderate content

  • after it appears on the website.

Appoint moderators

  • from your users with configurable moderation power.

Mass-mail users

  • with your finely crafted newsletters. Target them based on their user role / membership level. Content can be personalized depending on user profile data.

Code injection

  • Insert snippets of code in header/footer for analytics, tracking, live support and other purposes.

Twilio SMS verification Paid

  • Enable users to verify their phone numbers instead of email addresses. Uses your Twilio account.

CSV import

  • Migrate your user database to Oxwall from other systems. Universal, configurable user data import.

SMTP settings

  • Use 3rd party email sending service like Sendgrid or AuthSMTP to improve deliverability.

3rd Party Translations













Oxwall fully supports English, with additional languages available as free 3rd-party language packs (provided as is at Oxwall Forum).

3rd Party Features

Questions/Polls (free)

Online games ($20)

Affiliate program ($35)

Bitpay billing ($25)

SMS billing (various)

User Carousel ($20)

Shoutbox ($10)

Audio/video Chat ($99)

Music upload ($19)

AddPipe Video Profiles (free)

Profile Cover ($29)

Followers (free)

Photo Carousel ($20)

Payment providers (various)

Hint (free)

Login As User ($15)

More plugins are available in the Oxwall Store.

* The plugins are developed by 3rd-party developers, and are provided as is.

The most popular free and paid features available for Oxwall

Custom development

We also offer all kinds of custom development solutions. It’s enough to just send us your project description, and we’ll return it with a free quote.

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